Drug deaths

The shocking rise in drug deaths in Scotland, and the reality of how some people have to live led to this poem. I work in drug and alcohol services, and what we see can be truly shocking. We must be hopeful, and continue to improve services and listen to our patients, but we must also share our sorrow, and mourn these deaths.

The poppy made you dream too long

The poppies of my heart and in my song.

What drew you to them, dry and brown

What led you to this slab and gown?

Your needle lives on in my arm, my love

My solace for your loss, and all I have

There’s nothing in my life that makes it sweet

No silver spoon, just one above the heat.

I look towards the world, just one more time

No-one sees me, no-one helps my shame

The tourniquet of death is all that’s left

A child who’s life will follow mine, bereft

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