I lie there, flat upon the bed
My eyes are wide, unseeing wide,
The plastic mask conceals my face
A needle pricks my hand.
I breathe in fear, a blowing fear,
And then what passed was lost 
A rising tone bore me away
To somewhere I forgot.
I wonder what was done to me
What currents crossed my mind?
What sin had I committed
To be punished in this way?
The thoughts I thought were left behind
The anguish slowly dimmed
Was this the price I had to pay?
Those thoughts, to live once more.

2 thoughts on “Electricity

  1. I am sorry if comes across as dark. I consider ECT to be a very effective treatment in certain circumstances, but it isn’t an easy experience if also very depressed. I also think the memory loss is significant – some will say it is temporary, but I have lost quite a lot of the period around having ECT. Having said that, it’s not ongoing – I have laid down memories since with no problems. I would have ECT again if I was that ill again.

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