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Poems published in British Journal of Psychiatry:

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Some Poster Presentations:

Gordon R, Meadowcroft B & Lawrence R. (2021). Ritson Outreach Service: Evaluation of a new alcohol drug liaison service. Presented at RCPsych Faculty of General Adult Psychiatry Annual Conference 2021

Forbes D, Watson F & Lawrence R. (2021). An audit to assess the use of Addenbrooke’s Cognitive Examination III (ACE) in the context of inpatient alcohol detoxification. Presented at Royal College of Psychiatrists Addictions Faculty Annual Conference.

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Huffington Post article (October 2015): Interviewed for ‘World Mental Health Day 2015: The ‘Single Greatest Illness Affecting Mankind’ Is Not All In The Mind’

Times article (December 2015): Interviewed for ‘Why doctors make the worst patients’.

BBC News Reporting Scotland (February 2019): ‘Scottish researchers find 100 genes linked to depression’. Interviewed as a patient representative in report about large genetic study of depression

BBC Radio 5 Live (April 2019): Interviewed about experience of mental illness in relation to BMA survey regarding doctors’ and medical students’ mental health.

Interview for ‘Moonstruck: 500 years of mental health’, a public exhibition which ran at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh from 14 June 2019 to Spring 2020. 

Times Radio (September 2020): Interviewed on Kait Borsay’s show about being both patient and psychiatrist

South China Morning Post (October 2020). Featured in Anthea Rowan – ‘World Mental Health Day 2020: How therapists with their own psychiatric disorders see things from both sides of the table’.

Maudsley Learning Podcast Interview (July 2021) #20: Being both the doctor and the patient with Dr Rebecca Lawrence.

Video extract talking about ECT –

Maudsley Learning Challenging Conversation with Dr Geraldine Strathdee – ‘Stigma in mental health: Is it coming from society or within mental health itself?’ Panel member (March 2022).